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2105, 2024

NOIZ RITUAL: “Embrace The Noiz” EP out now!

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Greek (based in Athens) alternative rock / metallers Noiz Ritual reveal the first EP "Embrace The Noiz" which released independently on 14th May 2024 via their YouTube playlist. The playlist includes: "Abuse Me" music video "Feeling Death Inside" lyric video "I Wanna Know" / "Robocop" visualizer videos The single is [...]

1405, 2024

NOIZ RITUAL: “Feeling Death Inside”

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Greek (based in Athens) alternative rock / metallers Noiz Ritual present their new video for "Feeling Death Inside" single, a song that is included in the first EP "Embrace The Noiz" that will be released independently on 14th May 2024. ""Feeling Death Inside" is the melancholic tale of [...]

1704, 2024

HERC: Chapter 7: “Seeds Of Fire” Visualizer Video

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Hey there, Herc fans! We're thrilled to announce the release of their latest visual masterpiece, "Chapter 7: Seeds of Hatred." Dive deeper into the story and let the music guide you through the twists and turns of their epic saga. The band hopes this message finds you [...]

904, 2024

ASK TOMORROW: “Special Kid”

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Alternative / grunge rockers Ask Tomorrow reveal the video for the single “Special Kid” released on 9th April 2024 and is available via band's bandcamp page. Video directed and edited by Themistoklis Labridis at Studio 203, Ioannina, Greece. Video's character impersonated by George Drougas. Guests: Nasos Drougas and [...]

2703, 2024


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Greek (based in Athens) alternative rock / metallers Noiz Ritual present their new video for "Abuse Me" single, a song that is included in the first EP "Embrace The Noiz" that will be released independently on May 2024. ""Abuse Me" focuses on the human condition where a person [...]

1403, 2024

JUNKWOLVZ: “Ride With Me”

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Greek (based at Athens) hard rock / metallers Junkwolvz  present the single “Ride With Me”. The single is available from the band's bandcamp page and all the digital platforms. ""Ride With Me" is taking Junkwolvz to their most rock'n'roll territory explored by now. It's a fast pacing, upbeat [...]

1203, 2024


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Greek (based at Athens) post punk / alternative rockers Jester Syndrome present the music video for the single “Silence” included in the released (February 2024) album “Shape”. Video produced and directed by Mike Minakoulis. Graphics by Alexandros Leonidou. "”Silence” is a song about isolation and fear. About breath [...]

102, 2024

HERC: “…Of Light And Darkness” Visualizers

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Herc - Behold your music (Official Visualizer) Herc - Of Silver and Gold (Official Visualizer) Exciting news from the realms of Herc! They have announced the unveiling of their new YouTube playlist that will feature all audio visualizers, showcasing the audio-visual wonders of their [...]

1001, 2024

OCEAN’S EDGE: “Waterfall”

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Greek (based at Athens) progsters Ocean's Edge present you the lyric video for the single “Waterfall” included in the released (May 2023) debut album “The Voyager”. Video created by Paul Garcia. "Waterfall" is a track that focuses on internal quest and a near death experience. [...]

310, 2023

KRUSHYA: “Predatory Jungle Law”

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Krushya, Vagellis Papadopoulos' (Bionic Origin, Discordance) personal project (based on Patra, Greece), full lined-up, reveal the new video for the single “Predatory Jungle Law” that is included in first full length LP “.Dogma.”, released via Narcoleptica Productions on 2021. Video direction and production made by Krushya at Flowers [...]

Artizan's Testimonials

“We are extremely glad to have teamed with Artizans of the New Age for the promotion of our music. Jordan is extremely trustworthy and competent in his job. I highly recommend to partner with him for your PR campaign.”

Marco, Dark Side Bright Side

“Very dedicated to his work, with a great number of contacts, such as webzines and radios, all around the world. We’re glad to have such a good promotional partner!”

Panos, Junkwolvz

“Trustworthy, loyal to his work, adaptable to your needs, a valuable partner.”

George, Perfect Faith

“Excellent promoter, professional on many levels delivering the highest quality. Glad to have Artizans’ team as a partner.”

Spiros, Sidus

Excellent professional! Since we started collaborating, we had a lot correspondence by a large number of webzines and online radios have been featuring our track!

Ryan, Ayfel

“Very trustworthy, I will choose them for my next works! Keep up the good work, and support all artizans with passion and dedication! ”

Jim Stasinos

Jordan and Herc are definitely the people you need to have on your corner. Approachable, down-to-earth, honest and dependable, they help shed the light on the artist and his/her work. Glad to have known them and worked with them. Highly recommending them to every new artist.

Manos, Ocean's Edge
Nick, Noiz Ritual

Our collaboration with Jordan and Artizans PR team has been incredible. Their passion, innovative strategies, and unwavering support have propelled our rock band to new heights. We’re grateful for their dedication and enthusiasm.

Jim, Jester Syndrome

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